Furniture By Mac & Wood: Reclaimed Wood & Steel

It is not often that I come across truly gorgeous and eye-catching furniture pieces. But when I do, rest assured I will let you know as I will do today. I am talking about the spectacular pieces from London furniture maker Mac+Wood.

reclaimed wood table-setMac+Wood is making dining furniture made from reclaimed timber.

Unlike some other furniture designers, they combine the aged natural wood with the elegance of brushed steel.

The result of this is truly spectacular here, I’m sure you will agree with me there .Those are outstanding pieces of furniture that will make an impression in any setting.

In my opinion, those are the perfect dining pieces if you want to make a difference with your hotel or cafe. The furniture will add a touch of style and class while at the same time conveying a sense of purism along with the sturdiness and ruggedness of natural timbers.

Some industry insiders compare Mac+Wood’s designs to the creations by Apple. I think this comparison is not that far off. Similar to Apple’s designs those furniture pieces also combine usefulness with style rather brilliantly.

So if you’re still looking for furniture pieces that can make a long-lasting impression, see the reclaimed furniture by Mac+Wood. Their reclaimed wood table and benches can make eye-catching pieces for many locations, such as your business office, outdoor area and of course also for your own kitchen.