Fire Alarms for Your Home

fire-alarmsSmoke alarms are not expensive and you can get them almost anywhere today.

They are easy to set up and to maintain while being effective if you want to protect your loved ones and your home from fires.

Most models of smoke and fire alarms will likely require some minimal amount of maintenance such as that you test them every month and change the batteries twice every year.

The dates where we switch from wintertime to summertime in the spring and then again where we switch to wintertime in autumn can be taken as a reminder to change smoke alarms batteries as well. This makes sure that your smoke alarm batteries are always up to the task.

Where to install smoke alarms in your home

One rule is to have one smoke detector on every floor of your home. So it makes sense to install one in your basement, one on the first floor and one one the second. If you set up one in your attic as well you will have the best coverage for your home for the early detection of flames and smoke.

Area such as your kitchen, a workshop or garage deserve particular attention since the danger for fires in those areas is in particular high. It makes sense to always have a smoke detector in those locations.

Fire extinguishers

Among with your smoke detectors should also have a dedicated place for a fire extinguisher. Let anyone in your family know where those are and most importantly make sure that I can always be accessed easily. Some people make the mistake to store a fire extinguisher away behind rubble or somewhere in a box on their attic.  You shouldn’t make this error in judgement! Most of the time it may be seconds that count when it comes to preventing major damage once a fire breaks out. The fire extinguisher should therefore always be right at hand, especially in the more fire-prone areas like in your kitchen or workshop.

For more advanced fire detection and prevention devices you can visit fire alarms Exeter.  They are you can learn more about modern fire prevention techniques along with tips and tricks for more fire safety in your home.