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What To See In Autumn 2014

If you happen to live in or about to visit the UK and need your art fix, this autumn will be the perfect time for it!

In fact, there are so many exhibitions this autumn in London that even the most sophisticated art enthusiast will have a hard time to choose what to see and where to go.

rembrandtHere is a fantastic list with what’s up and coming in London’s art scene this fall. It lists art, design and architecture exhibitions that will go on this fall!

Visit the National Gallery and see Rembrandt: The Late Works and many more cool exhibitions!

Check the list at

The Tale Of The Seoul Art Fiend


Welcome to the Seoul Art Fiend’s new website!

As you may probably have guessed already, I am very much into arts and the nicer things in life. If you don’t know me yet and wonder where I got my name from…well, let’s just say it’s a long story and it involves a trip to Seoul a long time ago and my obsession with Asian art. Ever since, my friends call me the “art fiend”.

Here on my site I want to provide you with tips and helpful articles in regards to everything leisure, arts and the nicer things in life.

I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I enjoy writing for you!

The Seoul Art Fiend