Ergonomic (But Stylish!) Desk Chairs And Desks

Ergonomic (speak: “healthy”) furniture doesn’t have to be unsightly. In fact, many of today’s makers of ergonomic furniture have designs in their selections that are equal those creations by the world’s most famous furniture designers.

ergonomic chairOne of those makers of ergonomic office furniture who does NOT sacrifice class and style with their ergonomic furniture is Workers and Workstations.

Their selection includes modern ergonomic chairs as well as ergonomic desk chairs for the office.

In addition to their ergonomic furniture that satisfies the most recent UK health standards, the company also offers services such as workstation assessments for companies.

So, if you want an ergonomic and healthy office yet don’t want to sacrifice class and style I recommend that you take a look at Workers and Workstations.

What To See In Autumn 2014

If you happen to live in or about to visit the UK and need your art fix, this autumn will be the perfect time for it!

In fact, there are so many exhibitions this autumn in London that even the most sophisticated art enthusiast will have a hard time to choose what to see and where to go.

rembrandtHere is a fantastic list with what’s up and coming in London’s art scene this fall. It lists art, design and architecture exhibitions that will go on this fall!

Visit the National Gallery and see Rembrandt: The Late Works and many more cool exhibitions!

Check the list at

Furniture By Mac & Wood: Reclaimed Wood & Steel

reclaimed wood table-set

It is not often that I come across truly gorgeous and eye-catching furniture pieces. But when I do, rest assured I will let you know as I will do today. I am talking about the spectacular pieces from London furniture maker Mac+Wood.

reclaimed wood table-setMac+Wood is making dining furniture made from reclaimed timber.

Unlike some other furniture designers, they combine the aged natural wood with the elegance of brushed steel.

The result of this is truly spectacular here, I’m sure you will agree with me there .Those are outstanding pieces of furniture that will make an impression in any setting.

In my opinion, those are the perfect dining pieces if you want to make a difference with your hotel or cafe. The furniture will add a touch of style and class while at the same time conveying a sense of purism along with the sturdiness and ruggedness of natural timbers.

Some industry insiders compare Mac+Wood’s designs to the creations by Apple. I think this comparison is not that far off. Similar to Apple’s designs those furniture pieces also combine usefulness with style rather brilliantly.

So if you’re still looking for furniture pieces that can make a long-lasting impression, see the reclaimed furniture by Mac+Wood. Their reclaimed wood table and benches can make eye-catching pieces for many locations, such as your business office, outdoor area and of course also for your own kitchen.

Highlights from the Manchester Furniture Show

This past July, the long-established Manchester Furniture Show returned to Manchester city. Not surprising, this year again visitors were able to take a look at many new and original products.

The Manchester furniture show has established itself as a vital platform for both new and returning exhibitors. It is there where they can reveal their design and products products to the industry.

As always, visitors to the event could enjoy a variety of novel concepts for numerous industries and sectors.

This year, the show had hundred 20 exhibitors and almost 5000 visitors. As compared to last year this is a small increase. Likewise, vendors and exhibitors at the show report good sales. I had been told that re-bookings for next year’s show are at a record level which shows a good sign for Great Britain’s furniture industry as a whole.

My New Driftwood Art Pieces And Furnishings

As you may possibly know, I’m very much in art works made from natural materials such as wood, rocks or bamboo. Just recently I discovered a great material that makes for beautiful art-pieces and furnishings and this material is driftwood!

driftwood-coffee-tableWhat makes driftwood stand out from other materials?

I like driftwood art pieces since this is a material that gives any single piece a true one-of-a-kind look.

There is no other piece like that since no piece of driftwood same.

In addition to that, each single piece of furniture or art is really drawing the attention of anyone due to its very unique beauty. I started to collect some pieces made from this amazing and eye-catching material such as the above pictured coffee table which I like a lot.

Now I also discovered wonderful pieces of art such as a driftwood sculpture that will go beautifully with my garden. I’m also looking into accessories for my home such as a fantastic driftwood mirror for the bedroom and maybe a table lamp that would go perfectly with my new desk.

If you’re interested in art made from natural materials you should look at the site which I can highly recommend to you. The lady who owns the website designs and crafts driftwood art pieces for many years and each of her pieces is without question absolutely gorgeous. So if you are looking for a driftwood sculpture, a table lamp or a desk should definitely check her website out!

The Tale Of The Seoul Art Fiend


Welcome to the Seoul Art Fiend’s new website!

As you may probably have guessed already, I am very much into arts and the nicer things in life. If you don’t know me yet and wonder where I got my name from…well, let’s just say it’s a long story and it involves a trip to Seoul a long time ago and my obsession with Asian art. Ever since, my friends call me the “art fiend”.

Here on my site I want to provide you with tips and helpful articles in regards to everything leisure, arts and the nicer things in life.

I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I enjoy writing for you!

The Seoul Art Fiend