Proper Mattress Disposal in the UK


If you buy a new mattress in the UK you’ll normally have a minor problem on-hand.

The reason for this is that you cannot simply dump your old mattress wherever you want. For proper mattress disposal in the UK you need to apply for a special waste collection.

Here is the website where you can go if you have a mattress you need to dispose of:

Don’t make the mistake trying to circumvent the law. If you get caught disposing a mattress unlawfully you may face steep fines. Arrange a proper waste pick up using the above website and you can get rid of your old mattress without a problem.

Bunk Beds For Your Children


I remember the time very well when I was a little kid. Me and my sister had one big dream: A bunk bed!

Sadly, we never really got one and had to stick to our two “normal” beds instead. That being said, if you have children, consider getting a bunk bed because it can provide many benefits, beyond the “coolness factor” for your little ones!

Bunk beds are fantastic since they allow your children to have more space in their room to play that would otherwise be taken up by another bed or two. They are therefore ideal in all such cases where space is tight.

Fortunately, bunk beds don’t have to be expensive. It really depends on your budget. Yes, you may well spend a fortune on a bunk bed but you can also get lucky and get a good bargain on it.

Today you can choose between many materials the bed is made of. The most common probably would be wood which would go with all kinds of styles so it’s always a good choice. Those bunks beds are also relatively affordable.

Then there are bunk beds made from steel frames and some are even made from PVC or other plastic materials.

Bunk bends for children today also come in many varieties that rang from simple beds stacked one on another to complete “play areas” where some of them may have a certain theme like a Barbie design or a bed/play area with a design for your children’s favorite cartoon heroes. Other bunk beds available can incorporate a desk and chair. Those are better suited if your children are a little older.

With a bunk bed you can always be assured that your children will love them!

Golf Holidays in Biarritz


People who love golf can choose among a vast variety of great destinations for their golf holidays. However, among the many great places where you can travel to enjoy your favourite sports, Biarritz in South-Western France definitely stands out. For many golf enthusiasts from countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany, Biarritz is unquestionably their number one golfing holiday destination.

Here in this post I want to go over some of the main reasons why Biarritz is so popular amongst golf enthusiasts.

While we are at it, it can also give you a short history about this fascinating French town.


Golf in Biarritz, France

Biarritz is close by the ocean, at the South-Western coast in France. Because of its vicinity to the sea along with its moderate and temperate climate it has early on established itself as Europe’s favourite resort town where people could relax or get well from all sorts of ailments. Its history as a popular spa and resort for Europe’s wealthy goes back all the way to the early 19th century.

Later on, Biarritz became popular among windsurfers due to its fantastic beaches and powerful waves. In fact it was here in Biarritz were European windsurfing started in the 50s.

With the popularity of this French town and the influx of the rich and wealthy from all over Europe it was just natural that Biarritz also became a hot spot for golfers. With the rich and nobles that came mainly from the United Kingdom, numerous golf venues, clubs and courses had been established as well. Today, Biarritz features eight world-class golf courses. Four of them are listed in the world’s top 100 golf courses.

For those who plan a golf vacation in Biarritz there will be plenty of hotels to stay. The majority of those hotels are in close vicinity to the town’s golf courses. Today, reputable providers for golf holidays offer packages that will include everything the golfer needs, including admission to the courses, airport shuttle services or renting golf equipment.

Fury as customers ‘lose thousands of pounds’ on designer furniture site | Money | The Guardian


A popular online designer furniture site is reported to make customers ‘lose thousands of pounds’. According to the article found at The Guardian, the site that offers modern classics fails to deliver orders. Customers are now fury as the company’s Soho office is left empty.

The article goes on to recommend that those who paid by credit card are recommended to contact their card provider to seek a refund. Other customers may not be lucky and have probably lost their money.

via Fury as customers ‘lose thousands of pounds’ on designer furniture site | Money | The Guardian.

The Tale Of The Seoul Art Fiend


Welcome to the Seoul Art Fiend’s new website!

As you may probably have guessed already, I am very much into arts and the nicer things in life. If you don’t know me yet and wonder where I got my name from…well, let’s just say it’s a long story and it involves a trip to Seoul a long time ago and my obsession with Asian art. Ever since, my friends call me the “art fiend”.

Here on my site I want to provide you with tips and helpful articles in regards to everything leisure, arts and the nicer things in life.

I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I enjoy writing for you!

The Seoul Art Fiend